Jonathan walker
May 28, 2011
were do u live
Jonathan walker
May 28, 2011
hey your crazy when comes 2 yoyoing cuz all your trixs r insane
Feb 12, 2011
What do u think is da best yoyo out there
Feb 4, 2011
I wish I could be as good at 5a as you

what's that yoyo in the picture again
Jan 1, 2011
Good idea about the rail grind in fh2. Someone would yell at me if I did that.
Adam Hitz
Dec 18, 2010
So Everyone I would like to announce that F-Hand-2 is up, and you can go watch it. Leave some comments about it, it is a really fun video!

-Adam Hitz
Adam Hitz
Dec 8, 2010
Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your kind words and I'm glad you guys enjoy my videos because you are in luck. I have decided to make F-Hand-2 which will be the sequel to F-Hand-0.

It still may be a while, for I am in finals week and have work but I will try to get it up as soon as possible. So stay tuned because it will be posted here, it should not disappoint.

I wish I could do it outside but the weather is not permitting, it is below 10 degrees and snowing like everyday so the video will be confined to the indoors. However I will do my best to make it to my full potential, and make it fun.

Much Love to you guys!
Keep on Keeping on with the yoyos!
Adam Hitz
Dec 2, 2010
Whats up Adam what is your favorite yo yo to use.
Dec 1, 2010
Brandon Jackson
Oct 24, 2010
Hey Adam!
We hope to have the Drifter released later this year. It will NOT come with a counterweight.

Much Love!
Adam Hitz
Sep 1, 2010
Thanks you guys for your kind words about me and my style. If you want to see me in competition I uploaded one of my freestyles it's from MWR, I have only been in a handful of contests.

However they are very fun to compete in and I suggest you guys to at least go to competitions even if you aren't going to compete. It is all fun, it is where you can test new yoyos and learn new tricks and meet new people!

The yoyo in the big picture to the right is a modded yoyo in which I labeled the Lugnut. It is one of two and yes I have both of them, I am hoping to make more for myself. But besides that I throw recessed FHZs and FH2 a lot, both are fun throws! Just get out there and throw whatever feels best for you and what you enjoy!
Aug 17, 2010
hey dude you rock at yoyos
Aug 17, 2010
nice yoyo
Jul 28, 2010
what yoyo is that in the picture
Jul 12, 2010
who can send to me any yoyo by duncan ?
Jul 4, 2010
hey adam this is delton and i think you would be great in a compitision
Apr 21, 2010
wanna join my club
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