Mar 7, 2010
yes the screaming eagles blow my mind, i know they are spendy but WELL worth saving for! and FYI the momentum IS on sale right on the duncan site now for the unbelievable price of 79 dollars! which as u may know is an INCREDIBLE deal down from $110.00, so if ur really interested now is a great time to pick up a great throw! cheers!
Daniel Sudhoff
Mar 7, 2010
Oh, Sweet, I'd be more than happy to chill with you, Takeshi. Just gimme a ring when you're down here sometime and we'll meet up somewhere and chill.
Mar 7, 2010
My mom lives down in B'town. Next time I head down to visit my mom, I'll touch base with you and hopefully we can meet up. Unfortunately I don't know of any other yo-yo players down there though :(
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Daniel Sudhoff

Howdy! I've been yo-yoing off and one for about 2 years now. It's a good activity to do when you're bored out of your mind, waiting for something to happen, or just need to do something with your hands.

I also do Glowsticking, Poi, Juggling, Astrojax and Diabolo, I'm always looking for other people in my area to throw with, so if you live in, or around the Bloomington Indiana area, and want to hang out, Leave me a message, okay?

Note: Actual person may be less awesome than what appears in the picture, Your mileage may vary.


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