Apr 23, 2011
yoyoyo whats the deal with the free yoyo deal?
Andrew Broadbent
Nov 17, 2010
yea you should get one! they are not as expensive anymore in fact the other day i saw a comercial saying that you get one free with a shaw cable deal.
Andrew Broadbent
Nov 14, 2010
i see. it sucks that they disabled the online for the original xbox
Nov 5, 2010
Hey Mrj do you know what would be a good yo yo to loop with.
Nov 5, 2010
I actually do not have an xbox 360, just the original xbox. I know I need to get a 360 I just haven't yet. I let you know when I do and we can play.
Andrew Broadbent
Nov 1, 2010
yea whats your gamertag mine is the same as my duncan crew username (its easier to remember that way) maybe we could play halo sometime :)
Oct 29, 2010
Really? Sweet!
Andrew Broadbent
Oct 28, 2010
its amazing the firefight is reason enough to buy it (you can customize it)
Oct 27, 2010
No, but I really want to.
Andrew Broadbent
Oct 25, 2010
Hey have you played reach yet?
Oct 9, 2010
Hey delton nice to meet you. I like 5a the best, but I play 1a better.
Oct 8, 2010
What is you favorite style of yo yoing
Oct 6, 2010
Jul 4, 2010
Just throwing some 5a.
Jul 3, 2010
Heya man! What's up?
Jan 17, 2010
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Hey, what's up guys. I'll go a head tell everyone a little about myself. I'm 18 and live in the Kansas City area. I have been yoyoing for close to eight years now. I love Duncan to death along with SPYY. I have been to MOYO two years in a row now, but I have not done every well in the contest. Still it was a blast getting to hang out with other yoyoers. Speaking of which, if there is anyone who lives in Kansas City or near by let me know. Maybe we can hang out some time. If you would like hang out but don't live near by, join It is a great forum with nice and helpful people, including myself. As you can tell by my scream pic I love playing Halo. I also like sports, especially football. GO Chief's!! Well that's all. Keep throwing!



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