Andrew Broadbent
Dec 30, 2010
woah i dunno who put those pictures up but that is an awesome mod!
Andrew Broadbent
Dec 14, 2010
hoping to go to the canadian nationals this summer :)
Nate Navarro
Nov 28, 2010
dude its all about 1a haha jk i try to do it all
Nov 18, 2010
Really I will have to look into that.
Nov 17, 2010
I loved playing halo online when I could. I just need to get a 360.
Sep 5, 2010
ok add me on : [email protected] : and tell me the trick that u can make it in 1A ok thanks for reading
Andrew Broadbent
Aug 17, 2010
the sky!
Aug 17, 2010
wats up
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Andrew Broadbent

Hey wazzup? My names andrew I play yoyo and cod in my spare time. I have been yoyoing on and off since I was 7 but only really got started last year when my mum suprised me with a duncan imperial and I have skyrocketed since then and hope to go to the canadian nationals this summer. This year I spent a month in Australia and got some amazing pictures of me yoyoing in all sorts of places (uluru, opera house ect.) I hope to upload them once I figure out how. Also, I'm looking for sponsorships.


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