Jun 1, 2011
You are very good!!! I can't even do a brain twister, I am dreaming that I will be like you someday!!!! I can only do the basic tricks like the gravity pull and the forward pass and every thing but i'm trying my best, You rock.
Mar 3, 2011
Hey whats up arcuda i am supposed to be entering my school talentshow
Feb 26, 2011
No,I dont have an MG. I just got the pic from google i wish i had a MG though!! :(
Adam Hitz
Feb 7, 2011
haha thanks, I have been 5A'n for a few years now as my main style so it takes some practice to be good just like in every style.

But the yoyo in my profile picture is a Triple Jam which is discontinued now, and the yoyo in the big picture to the right on my page is a Lugnut, which is a custom modded yoyo for me by RiceRocket.
Jan 21, 2011
hey arcuda i have one spintop i just dont get how to do the boomerage
Jan 20, 2011
this sucks! my wrist hurts from yoyoing too much
Jan 16, 2011
I finally figured out how to upload videos! Check them out.
Jan 7, 2011
Hey i have not been to any yoyo contest but i will be atainding a talent show at school.Oneday i hope to be a proffesional
Brandon Jackson
Jan 3, 2011
Hey Hey,
The Drifter should be released this summer. We have had issues with the manufacturing of it, and we don't want to release it until its perfect.
Much Love!
Jan 2, 2011
hey nice yoyo,s Arcuda and who would you say is your favorite yo yo player.
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I have been yo-yoing a few years but got going summer 2010. I also like diabolos (Chinese yo-yos), spintop, and juggling.

Favorite yo-yos : 1A: Raptor;
5A: Throw Monkey;
4A: Hayabusa SL;
2A: 2 modded Dominators
Top: Bearing King;

Accomplishments: Second Place in Duncan Heritage Tour Contest

Favorite Trick: Split the Atom

Favorite sites:

Styles: String
1 Handed Looping
Some Mobius


add a pic: