Sep 11, 2011
do you know any yoyo guy who could do a workshop in LA?
Jul 28, 2011
Your great at yoyoing
Feb 13, 2011
What yoyo would you recomend for a beginner 3a player? I use one fhz and one freehand
Feb 13, 2011
hey mark,
i was wondering if you could give me some tips about yoyoing soo i could become better. thx.
Feb 13, 2011
what do you think is the best type of string 100% cotton, 100% polyester or 50% polyester/50%cotton
Mark McBride
Oct 19, 2010
Getting up on stage is like a rollercoaster: it's fun because you feel like something bad is going to happen even though it won't. Think about your friends out in the crowd and concentrate on the music.
Oct 19, 2010
Hey mark how do you deal with yo yoing in compitision in front of people,and what is your favorite yo yo.
Mark McBride
Oct 15, 2010
I had no reason to start yoyoing. I kept eating lollipops and decided that one day I needed something healthier than lollipops so I went an bought a yoyo. It was complete coincidence. The rest is history.
Oct 15, 2010
hey mark what inspired you to yo yo.
Oct 9, 2010
Aug 2, 2010
i love your dvd your were funny in hawii
Jul 5, 2010
Mark McBride
Jul 5, 2010
How to be on Duncan Crew: It's very Zen. People who try to hard will not make it. Get involved in the yoyo scene, go to contests, hang out with people, have fun, post new tricks. And when you are having so much fun you don't care about Duncan Crew, then you might get on.
Jul 4, 2010
Hey i was woundering could you give me a couple of tips on how to be on the duncan crew
Duncangirl 15
May 12, 2010
man y u got ur finger nails painted but ur pic look kool.
Nov 3, 2009
I can't denie how freaking awesom you are man ;)

Nov 2, 2009
how do i join duncan crew??
MAYA / Buko
Sep 23, 2009
Felix Avellana (Fee)
Aug 28, 2009
Nice work Bride. You made it so easy even an Army guy could do it ;)
Mark Hayward
Aug 27, 2009
Hey Mark, what's that first pic of? Is that somewhere you've stayed on tour?
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Mark McBride

I've been playing yoyo seriously for way too long. I started back in 1994 before the infamous boom of 1998. I worked at Infinite Illusions/Yoyo Guy in college, then for another yoyo company after college. Then I worked on the short-lived Fiend Magazine and started doing side-jobs with Duncan when Andrew Arvesen and later Steve Brown moved in there. I've been on many tours (including the Warped tour, Viking, Samurai and 80 Years-1 World tour) and been lucky enough to meet every member of Duncan Crew personally (with 3 exceptions).


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